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How I work

I believe in co-creation to achieve the best results. Let's sit together to discuss your needs and how to, with collaborative methodologies and techniques, bring them to life.


Define and plan

Let's define together your needs and establish the most clear roadmap to reach the goals in an appropriate time and manner.


Imagine and build

I start with imagining the ideal outcome and requirements for the project together and focus on building the design of your dreams.



I will build your site with a clean layout, proper semantic HTML structure and understandable class naming system.


Follow-up and support

There will be continuous alignments including follow-ups and a thorough hand-off - Every step to delivery by your side.


I build pixel perfect Webflow sites

✔ Build from scratch

I wrap your design into a perfect Webflow website with smooth animations.

✔ Improving and scaling

If you have a website in need of improvement, I am ready to help!

✔ Technical SEO

I do everything to make PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse love your site.

✔ Custom code

I'm ready to go beyond the Webflow capabilities, using a strong knowledge of Javascript.

✔ Integrations

Need more functionality? I will add necessary services and automate processes.

✔ Ongoing maintenance

I do not abandon our clients after completing work on their website. Come back at any time to make changes, fix bugs, or just edit the content.

X Design

Building websites in Webflow is more difficult than it might seem. Therefore, II focus only on the technical side in order to provide the highest quality services.

X Content creation

I assume that you already have all the copy and pictures for the site. Otherwise, I fill pages with dummy content for further editing.

X No bugs

Although perhaps I make mistakes, like all people. But thanks to my internal QA testing, almost all bugs are eliminated before they get to you.

What my clients say about me

Spoiler: They all loved my interventions 😍

"Arthur immediately understood our request and produced a Landing-Page template that met our expectations! I highly recommend him, we will work together again!"

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Olivia Mazon
Growth Content Marketing @Alan

"I had the opportunity to work with Arthur in the project of restructuring our site under Weblow. He knew how to follow our instructions on the desktop version and adapt them on mobile and tablet. I highly recommend him for his reactivity and his investment. We plan to work with Arthur again for our next digital projects."

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Juliette Lagrue
Marketing Manager @Nestore

Great experience working with Arthur. Very professional, a true Webflow expert. Very smooth and positive communication!

Women profile picture
Alex Combessie
CEO @Giskard

Very professional, very knowledgeable. Nothing to say, it's a pleasure to work with him!

Women profile picture
Jordan Chenevier-Truchet
Co-Founder @Bulldozer

Frequently asked questions

Contact me for more info

How long does it take to build a new Webflow website?

The average site development time is 2-3 weeks. For most small sites, 2 weeks will be enough. Of course, the development time strongly depends on the number of pages, blocks on them and their complexity. A large website with complex functionality and integrations can take more than a month.


What is your class naming convention?

All my projects follow the Client-First convention invented by Finsweet.

Client-first is a set of guidelines and strategies to help us build Webflow websites in a clear and scalable way that any human can understand.

Clients, marketers, Webflow developers, and anyone who opens your Webflow project should be able to read a class name and understand what that class is responsible for doing.


How do you communicate?

Communication takes place inside my private Slack workspace, coupled with Notion, Loom and Markup for efficient project management.


I only have a desktop design, can you handle the mobile versions yourself?

Absolutely, it will be even better for us and the speed of website creation. We adapt your design to all screen sizes in the most optimal way.
We recommend providing a mobile design for individual complex elements of the site.


I'm designing mobile versions, what sizes should they be?

When creating frames for different screen resolutions, it's worth considering breakpoints supported by Webflow. They cannot be changed.

- Desktop: 992+ px

- Tablet: 768 - 991 px

- Mobile landscape: 480 - 767 px

- Mobile portrait: 320 - 479 px

I can also add one or more desktop breakpoints: 1280, 1440 and 1920 px.

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